Confined Space and Engulfment Awareness for Oil and Gas Operations
Duration (Min): 32 mins

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Relevant Standards
OSH ACT Section 5(a)(1) General Duty Clause; 29 CFR 1910 Subpart H, 1910.124; Subpart J, 1910.146 (Appendices A-F); Subpart Q, Subpart R
Course Description
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly referred to as OSHA, requires employers to protect their workers from workplace hazards. On oil and gas sites, employees often work in confined spaces such as manholes, pipelines, storage tanks, and mud pits. When workers are not adequately trained, or are not following their training, these spaces can be especially hazardous. Learners who successfully complete this course should be able to identify characteristics of confined spaces on oil and gas sites, recognize potential hazards in confined spaces, and recall assigned duties and responsibilities for confined space work. They should also be able to identify hazard controls for confined space work and recognize emergency procedures for confined space entry.
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