Electrical Safety / NFPA 70E for Qualified Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry
Duration (Min): 33 mins

Member Price: $20 USD
Non-member Price: $25 USD

Relevant Standards
NFPA 70E 2021; 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S and 1926 Subpart K
Course Description
Electricity is accepted as a source of power without much thought to its hazards, but it’s one of the deadliest hazards in the workplace. Employees who take this course will learn how to identify the general OSHA electrical safety standards, safe work practices when working on or around electrical equipment, OSHA requirements for qualified and authorized electrical equipment workers, and safe work practices qualified and authorized workers should use when working on or near exposed electrical equipment. This course is aimed at employees who work regularly with electrical equipment, including equipment maintenance and repair, and can assist the employer in meeting OSHA’s electrical safety requirements for qualified workers.
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