Road Rage
Duration (Min): 11 mins

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Course Description
Road rage is incredibly dangerous, causing almost 2/3 of all traffic fatalities. It is sadly also very common; in one survey nearly 90% of drivers stated that they had witnessed a road rage incident in the past month. This course is designed to give drivers the information and skills necessary to react as safely as possible to potentially dangerous situations on the road. Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to recognize the signs of aggressive driving behavior in themselves and others. Learners will also be able to identify constructive responses and prevention measures that can be used to avoid injury due to aggressive drivers/driving. This course is designed for employees in all industries who, during the course of their regular job duties, will operate a motor vehicle on public roadways. Employers may also be interested in these related courses: Basic Driver Safety, Distracted Driver, Hazards of Speeding, Delivery Driver Safety, and Hazardous Driving Conditions. This course is presented in both English and Spanish.
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