Hand and Power Tool Safety
Duration (Min): 24 mins

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Relevant Standards
29 CFR 1910 Subpart P - Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment
Course Description
Tools are such a common part of our lives that it’s difficult to remember that they may pose potential hazards to our safety. This course will teach employees the importance of hand and power tool safety and how to achieve it. Employees who successfully complete this course should learn the common hazards of different types of hand and power tools, including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and abrasive-wheel tools and how to minimize or eliminate those hazards. This course is intended for general industry employees who, as part of their regular work duties, are required to use or work around hand and power tools. This course can assist employers with meeting regulations outlined in OSHA’s regulations on hand and power tools. This course is presented in English, German, and Spanish.
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