Hurricane Safety
Duration (Min): 18 mins

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Course Description
Hurricanes and tropical storms are disruptive, dangerous events that can wreak havoc on entire regions. These storms can bring torrential rain, flooding, high winds and even tornadoes when they make landfall or move along the coast. They can also uproot trees, bring down power lines, damage or destroy buildings and infrastructure, and cause significant loss of life. Even a well-funded cleanup effort can take months or years. Fortunately, meteorologists can track hurricanes and forecast their expected path, giving the public several days to prepare before landfall. However, people have a much better chance of protecting themselves and their property if they have evacuation plans and supplies ready before a hurricane becomes a threat to their area. Learners who successfully complete this course should be able to recognize preparations to take in hurricane risk areas, identify steps to take before a hurricane arrives, and identify safety measures to take during and after a hurricane. This course is presented in both English and Spanish.
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